Deal Bazaar is the one-stop place where you can get some of the finest and unique deals in the New zealand market, tailored just for you.

Deal Bazaar is a newly added parallel of The Indian Weekender Newspaper providing the community with the best offers and options in the market. Our mission is to be the biggest online market for the Kiwi-Indian and Fiji-Indian community in New Zealand providing deals through local retailers and dealers.

With Deal Bazaar you will be able to discover the best deals available in the market, and you can access amazing deals anytime and any place through its interactive webpage.

Be a fun activity, getting your house fixed, buying clothes, grocery from supermarkets, a holiday trip, or even going to dine at a fine restaurant in Auckland, Deal Bazaar has the best offers listed so that you can make the most of your money and save at the same time.

Deal Bazaar is a platform that supports small retail businesses, dealerships, franchised businesses and also large enterprises getting the best offers to the customers with a range of products and services. This tool will empower local small businesses to expand its client base beyond ones’ geographical boundaries.

A deal which a service provider in South Auckland offered can be accessed from anywhere in Auckland and even a different city.

Deal Bazaar offer deals that the community would want to buy, and at great prices of up to 50% off.

Watch out for our introductory freebies, daily and weekend deals offered by the retail shops, supermarkets, services stations in your suburb and city.

Deal Bazaar will enable the local dealers to connect with 200,000 Kiwi-Indians and Fiji-Indians in the country.

Deal Bazaar provides a win-win opportunity for customers, small, medium and big businesses. The businesses offer deals on a wide range of products and services, and this in-turn will increase footfall for such companies giving them more business, new client base and increased revenue at no-extra cost.

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